Desktop Switcher 3 Finger Swipe in Ubuntu 16.04 (synaptics)

First, install Touchégg by following the instructions on its github page:égg-source-code

To make sure that Touchégg starts at the proper time in 16.04, add touchegg & to ~/.xprofile (create the file if it doesn't exist).

Then find the existing 3 finger drag settings in ~/.config/touchegg/touchegg.config and modify them to match:

<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="3" direction="UP">
    <action type="SEND_KEYS">Control+Alt+Up</action>
<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="3" direction="DOWN">
    <action type="SEND_KEYS">Control+Alt+Down</action>
<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="3" direction="LEFT">
    <action type="SEND_KEYS">Control+Alt+Left</action>
<gesture type="DRAG" fingers="3" direction="RIGHT">
     <action type="SEND_KEYS">Control+Alt+Right</action>

Finally, logout and back in and you should have 3 finger swipe between desktops.

Matt Munday

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