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New York Times With A Poop Flinging Monkey [Chrome Extension]

There was a post on G+ calling for a Chrome Extension to be made which adds “With A Poop Flinging Monkey” to every headline. I, obviously, had no other choice than to create it. Download NYTimes With A Poop Flinging Monkey, the chrome extension

Kindle Fire useragent WTF

Update: Based on Scott’s comment on the post I dug deeper. There are 2 settings that affect the UserAgent string on the fire: The “Accelerate page loading” and “Desktop or mobile view setting” (both under menu-> settings while in the browser) Update: I made a simple javascript that can detect a Kindle Fire based on […]

Weekend project – AndInstant

A few weeks back, I was inspired by an instant css documentation search: http://instacss.com so I took a couple hours and threw together an instant android SDK reference search. The hardware behind the search is a little lacking, so under load I assume that it would be not quite as instant :O The source is available on […]

Kindle Fire – Market Opener

If you’ve rooted your Kindle Fire and installed the Android market APK, you may have noticed that the Market icon does not appear in the stock launcher’s app list. Market opener fixes for that problem. It’s a simple shortcut that launches the underlying apk via an intent. Update: Irock23 has made an updated version with the […]

Elasticfox for Firefox 7 beta and up

Note: When firefox updates, it shows the add-on as not compatible. It is actually compatible, but there seems to be some crossed wires somewhere and I’m looking in to it. In the mean time just re-install the add-on from here and it will work again (verified on Firefox 7.0.1 and 8 beta) This should be fixed […]

Wp admin bar not working?

Just in case you are lost and wondering why like I was: If you have a wordpress site and the admin bar isn’t showing up, make sure you have a call to wp_footer in your footer.php file. The function to add the admin bar is called from there.

Complete face palm

I am pleased an appalled with myself today. Last night I located and fixed a major bug in Swarm that was holding off the v1.2 release. It was a ridiculously simple error in a loop. heres the post on swarmbt.com: http://swarmbt.com/2010/09/29/complete-face-palm/

Mysql Tip: Use expire_logs_days

I’m not sure if this is common knowledge, but today I went to my site to find the dreaded Error Establishing Database Connection message. A quick look at the mysqld.err log said that there was no space to write the .bin file and that it was waiting for someone to free up some space. I […]

Have Galaxy S, will debug

I bought a Vibrant today so that I can test reports of lag/slowdown on Swarm. Since it is a 1GHz phone, there should be absolutely no issues. Now I can get to the root of these problems and get fixes ready soon.

Torrent-fu UPC lookups on MongoDB

In a dual effort to become more familiar with MongoDB and to alleviate some of the stress on Mysql on my server I’ve switched the 1.5mil row relational UPC database to Mongo. I’ve got to say, I’m liking the whole NOSQL thing. Queries feel so much better (not to mention faster) when they are not in a […]